Mount Airy Nexus is Philadelphia’s largest values-driven, green-oriented coworking space.  In partnership with Sustainability Nexus, a Philadelphia-based non-profit, Mount Airy Nexus encompasses more than 6,000 square feet that serves as critical infrastructure for the cross section of the sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technological communities in Philadelphia. Mount Airy Nexus accommodates businesses of all shapes and sizes by providing private offices, desk space, and conference rooms. Additionally, there’s plenty of room to relax, eat, or have a casual meeting. Our space promotes productivity, encourages collaboration, and fosters meaningful relationships under our shared core value: sustainability. This happens both here and at our soon-to-open sister space, CityCoHo.

At Mount Airy Nexus, it is our belief that sustainability, in and of itself, is very simple. We feel it’s not necessary to layer additional complexity onto the word itself. When one applies this concept of sustainability to the true complexity of the real world, it is essential that this core idea remain simple and be applied to a systems-based worldview (seeing the world as a complex set of interconnected and interdependent systems). Many equate sustainability with environmentalism. Given our systems-based worldview, we believe this is too simplistic and somewhat misses the point. An Eco-centric perspective not only misses the fact that environmental crises tend to most directly and profoundly impact the most vulnerable members of human society, but also that economic, social justice, and environmental systems are inextricably intertwined in many other ways. You don’t achieve, let alone sustain a desirable condition within one without addressing the others.

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